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COVID-19 – Our response

EmbraceAbility is providing all of our beneficiaries with Prevention Packs. Each pack contains accessible information for families and the local community, food, essential medical supplies and menstrual products to ensure no one is left behind.

EmbraceAbility has also started a basic assistance cash transfer programme that grants agency and choice to our beneficiaries. It is our intention to stimulate the markets and economy of Koh Dach Island, ensuring that local people can go about their way of life as much as they can.

COVID-19 – Our commitment to safety and economy

EmbraceAbility recognises its responsibility to maintain robust financial systems dedicated to the pursuit of economy, efficiency and effectiveness from all its activities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the EmbraceAbility Team has ensured that the organisation’s operational capacity does not exceed its reduced funding and resources. We are committed to a system of internal governance that reflects this ethos at all times. We are committed to complete operational transparency that shows responsible spending and use of our resources, demonstrating value for money for all of our stakeholders.


EmbraceAbility has developed rigorous safety protocols that ensure our work does not contribute to the transmission of COVID-19. Our minimal contact approach ensures we can deliver our relief efforts and services without prolonged face-to-face engagement with our beneficiaries. With our procedures now formalised and tested, we know that we have the strategy and means to continue our work responsibly should COVID-19 hit Cambodia again in the future.

Our Vision

EmbraceAbility’s vision is to work for a society in which every person is valued equally. We believe people with disabilities should have access to care, education and therapy. Our mandate is to support children with disabilities to live with dignity and independence, so that they may contribute and participate fully in an inclusive community.

Our Projects

EmbraceAbility works in partnership with Khemara Cambodia to deliver our Community Outreach Programme on Koh Dach Island. We are proud to be part of the Khemara family, the longest serving local NGO in Cambodia 🇰🇭

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