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COVID-19: Prevention and Basic Assistance

EmbraceAbility is providing all of our beneficiaries with Prevention Packs. Each pack contains accessible information for families and the local community, food, essential medical supplies and menstrual products to ensure no one is left behind.

EmbraceAbility has also started a basic assistance cash transfer programme that grants agency and choice to our beneficiaries. It is our intention to stimulate the markets and economy of Koh Dach Island, ensuring that local people can go about their way of life as much as they can.


EmbraceAbility’s Community Outreach Programme is our first programme to be launched on Koh Dach Island, Cambodia. Through our community outreach initiatives, we aim to increase the independence, capacity, and social participation of children with disabilities and their families. EmbraceAbility’s approach is holistic and multi-faceted with the following goals:


  1. provide therapy to children with disabilities and their families in the home environment

  2. facilitate access to mainstream education for children with disabilities

  3. enhance the knowledge of local therapist(s) in occupational therapy through our skills development programme

  4. provide educational community workshops on issues of disability

  5. conduct essential research that will further our understanding of disability issues on Koh Dach

  6. reduce social stigma & build inclusive communities

Inclusive Education:

After School Programme

In the lead-up to EmbraceAbility’s sustainable training initiatives, we have emphasised and worked hard to build the capacity and societal participation of children with disabilities and their families on Koh Dach Island. An essential part of our work so far has been the integration of children with disabilities into mainstream schooling, yielding significant results. To date, EmbraceAbility has successfully facilitated the integration of 4 children with disabilities into state school classrooms.


Our After School Programme offers flexible and individualised lessons that help our beneficiaries keep up with their curriculum. We acknowledge that children are differential learners. In this smaller setting, our staff and volunteers take time to identify appropriate learning styles with focused attention and care.


With the help of our friends at Project Aokas, EmbraceAbility is dedicated to making inclusive sport a reality for children with disabilities on Koh Dach Island. With the help of our therapists and coaches under our unique sports inclusion programme, the kids are making their start in the empowering world of jiu jitsu!


To see more from Project Aokas, click here!

Project Location:

Koh Dach Island, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Known as ‘Silk Island’ among foreigners, Koh Dach is, in fact, a pair of islands in the Mekong River about 5km northeast of the Japanese Friendship Bridge. The name ‘Silk Island’ derives from the many silk weavers who live on the islands.


Like most rural areas of Cambodia, statistics and information regarding the prevalence of disability are non-existent. People with disabilities are largely ignored by local government and ostracised by their communities.


The EmbraceAbility team has spent a significant amount of time on Koh Dach, and it is clear to us that this is a place where our services are most needed. We are working to collect data so that we have a deep and thorough understanding of the issues facing people with disabilities in their communities. In doing so, we can tailor our projects to their specific needs, ensuring maximum engagement and efficiency. Bringing the issue of disability rights to light by engaging the local community, together with the education and rehabilitation of disabled children is the first step in building an accepting and inclusive community.