Meet the UK Team - EmbraceAbility
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Meet the UK Team

Meet the UK Team

Welcome to February, it’s even colder and only marginally lighter than last month, but there is still a LOT to look forward to. Over the winter we’ve recruited three team members for the roles of Digital Communications Officer (hi, that’s me) and Fundraising Officer (a jobshare split into two roles). Here’s what our team in the UK look like:

Oliver, the Operations Director, has a Masters Degree (LLM) in International and European Human Rights Law from the University of Leeds. He is a committed human rights advocate, with experience in disability rights, refugee law, and blasphemy law. Oliver was drawn to the issue of disability rights in Cambodia following his work in Phnom Penh in 2015. It was there that he met Jodie. With a shared passion for sustainable development and inclusivity, Oliver jumped at the chance to help Jodie build EmbraceAbility.

Jodie Le Marrec is EmbraceAbility’s Founder and Leading Director. She established the charity in 2017, after working in disability centres throughout South East Asia. Her experiences and friendships made in Cambodia especially inspired her to improve disability care for children and families. Jodie holds degrees in International Relations and Global Political Economy for the University of Sussex where she has also given talks on Small-scale aid projects. Aside from running the charity and working full-time, Jodie practices Ashtanga yoga, keeps a lot of houseplants and is the queen of dinner parties.


“I couldn’t be prouder of everything we have achieved with EmbraceAbility! This year our team is larger, more diverse, and extremely motivated. There’s big things ahead; let’s see what we can accomplish in 2019!” – Oliver King, Operations Director


Harrison is our Volunteer Coordinator from New Zealand. He has a BA (Hons) in Geography and Development Studies from Victoria University of Wellington, earned before travelling to the UK to live. He spent a week visiting Cambodia in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the culture and people. He loves to run and has entered his first marathon this year to help raise money for EmbraceAbility.

Nikki is a multidisciplinary illustrator and designer based in Brighton. She holds a BA in Illustration and her creative practice encompasses reportage illustration, graphic design and printmaking. Alongside producing visual content for EmbraceAbility, she works as a graphic designer for two local museums and galleries alongside her freelance illustrating jobs.















“I’ve always been passionate about helping others and fundraising is an avenue that allows to pursue this.” – Corrine Altass-Hye, Major Fundraising Officer.


Phoebe is EmbraceAbility’s Fundraising Officer. She is studying for a BA in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Brighton and spends the rest of her time in the city working at a comedy club or spotting cute dogs. Phoebe is a talented singer and the most voracious and determined networker, charming everyone around her with her earnest approach to understanding others. Her goal is to become an occupational therapist.

Corrine is a born-and-raised southerner with a motivation to help others and a very persuasive nature. She is EmbraceAbility’s Major Fundraising Officer. Corrine has spent the last three years  fundraising whilst also gaining a BSc in Childhood Studies from Bristol University. She has worked with persons with disability, children and their families in a variety of different settings throughout her career and has travelled extensively across South-East Asia and Australia.  These experiences drew her to the work of EmbraceAbility.
















Josephine is our Digital Communications Officer and holds degrees in English Literature and Sexual Dissidence from the Universities of London and Sussex.  Their interest in EmbraceAbility stems from  experience with activism and identity politics, especially regarding marginalised genders and the queer community. Left to their own devices Jo can probably be found skateboarding, researching sustainable fashion or DJing. Through the production of written content they hope to further actualise EmbraceAbility’s goal for authentically sustainable change in Cambodia.