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Help us do our part: Preparing and responding to COVID-19

Help us do our part: Preparing and responding to COVID-19


Welcome to this special blog post

Today we want to let all of our supporters know the current situation regarding COVID-19 in Cambodia, and what EmbraceAbility is doing to help the communities of Koh Dach Island.

We have all seen the effect of COVID-19 in our own countries via the media. Can you imagine not being informed about the epidemic?

We have all seen the stretching of healthcare services to near breaking in the developed world. Can you imagine the effect this will have on a health service that is profoundly underfunded and understaffed?

With reported cases now at 35 and rising in Cambodia, the effects of this virus will soon be faced by those living in poverty on Koh Dach. We have beneficiaries who need information, equipment, medicines and support.

It is our duty to help them prepare and respond to this epidemic, and we need your help! Click here to find out more.

What is the situation?

The Cambodian government has now closed schools in Phnom Penh in order to stop the transmission of COVID-19. This is one of a number of temporary measures put in place after a rise in reported cases across Cambodia. In order to do our part and ensure the safety of our staff, beneficiaries and the wider community, we must follow suit.

It is with great regret that EmbraceAbility will be pausing its beneficiary-facing operations in Phnom Penh and Koh Dach Island.

During these difficult times, EmbraceAbility will need to support those children and families living in poverty who are most vulnerable. We are currently carrying out assessments for all of our beneficiaries, making sure that they will have access to all the information and appropriate support they need.

What are we doing?

In response to COVID-19, EmbraceAbility will be launching its dedicated Family Preparation and Response Initiative.

All of the families we work with live below the poverty line and are extremely vulnerable to the economic and health problems the virus will bring to their doors. The local community do not have access to water, healthcare advice and many of the families we work with are illiterate. 

Our minimal contact approach will provide our beneficiaries on Koh Dach Island with:

  • Packages to all of the 15 families we work with, reaching over 111 people. The packages will include food, essential medical supplies, soap, menstrual products and nappies.
  • The safe delivery of essential medical equipment to those who are cannot get it themselves.
  • Hand washing and sanitising equipment, together with comprehensive instructional materials that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by hands.
  • Information about the necessity and protocol of social distancing and the avoidance of public gatherings.
  • Information regarding the use of certain drugs, particularly anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) when presenting  with COVID-19 symptoms.


Most importantly, EmbraceAbility is delivering constant telephone support and check-ups to all of our beneficiaries on Koh Dach Island. We address all concerns and aim to provide them with whatever they need in this difficult time. 

Help us do our part today

Changes to our programmes and providing new services costs money. We want to make sure that we have every resource at our disposal so that we can tackle the COVID-19 crisis head-on.

Just £25 can provide a family with all of the services listed above.

Donate to EmbraceAbility, and give help to those in need. This is a crisis we must consider long-term. Once the storm has passed, EmbraceAbility will be among the first responders to the needs of the community on Koh Dach Island.

Give what you can today HERE.