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Believe That

Believe That

Following two sold-out screenings at the Duke of York on the 6th August, the Believe That team celebrated their success with the final screening in Brighton. Believe That is a short documentary by filmmaker Caleb Yule, the film follows the journey of Team Santos, three players from Brighton Tennis Club, as they prepare to represent their country at the European Down Syndrome Championships.

The film is a compelling tale of determination and passion which challenges our everyday perceptions of people with Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome. Their coach, Pedro Santos, leads them through a meticulous training regime. He leads the team with assiduousness, kindness, energy and patience to develop the three players’ remarkable skills. The beauty of the film is watching the coach and players form a strong bond, built upon immense fondness and mutual respect.

Believe That is irrefutably an uplifting, humane and educational portrait of one of the most underrepresented demographics. It presents a deep insight into the focal trio, highlighting their range and depth of emotion, humour and individuality. The film transcends stereotypes and captures the talent of the three sportsmen. Director, Caleb Yule comments

“Putting this film out into the world has been such a joy. To have been able to do so many screenings and share this story with the three boys centre stage, as athletes, it means so much to me.”  

“For me this has never been a film about disability, it is simply a sports film – and this stays true to the mentality of Harry, Chris and Andrew. I don’t think anyone ever wants to be labelled no matter what background they are from, they just want to achieve.”

Believe That is an effusive piece which shows these three young men as athletes and is not just a film about disability. The documentary captures the boy’s determination, where their everyday disability is not pertinent and Believe That pushes us to progress.